About Sisney Media

Why Choose Sisney Media For Marketing?


Hello! Sisney Media was created to be a full-service Tulsa Digital Marketing agency that can help your business and brand in the here and now. As a veteran-owned business, we believe in these 5 pillars of success.


  • Implementing the most effective sales and marketing strategies: By having our finger on the pulse of culture we understand what it takes to bring these future and potential customers into your sales funnel.
  • Analyzing and Understanding your customers: There is so much more than knowing your target audience or your ideal client. Most of all you need to know their desires to help them solve their problems.

This is where Sisney Media comes into play. We want to ensure that you have the same voice, vision, and goals to reach your desires. We help bring that into focus by analyzing your current clients, viewing your competitor’s clientele, and getting to know you as a business.


  • Meeting the deadlines and/or budget for you to achieve your goals: Do you have a certain deadline? Do you have a specific budget? We want to assist you wherever you’re at in whatever industry you work in to be able to help you achieve your goals. We can do everything from running social media campaigns to creating commercials. We want to work within your budget and your deadline.
  • Providing the very best customer service: I mean who doesn’t like wonderful customer service? We strive to have the very best customer service in the industry.
Tulsa Digital Marketing About Us
  • Taking ownership by being consistent and accountable: Have you ever hired a marketing agency that was late to the meeting, went over budget, or you just could never get a hold of? I have some wonderful news, THAT IS NOT US! By having leadership and military DNA in who we are, Sisney Media knows what it’s like to run to the battle. We stand in the face of competitors and not back down, but have a strategy and implement that strategy for the WIN!

As a full-service Tulsa Digital Marketing agency, Sisney Media wants to help your business align across different platforms to ensure that you have the same message from social media to whatever your client portfolio may entail.

Sisney Media integrates some of the industry’s top API’s to ensure interaction between data, applications, and devices. We use this information to ensure that we are targeting your current customers and your potential customers. So, we have the data and ability to reach your clientele in different places across the web simultaneously.

If you are looking for the industry best in a Tulsa Digital Marketing agency who can accommodate any of your needs, look no further than Sisney Media. Let us help you answer the question of what your next goal could be!


What is Sisney Media?

Sisney Media is a veteran-owned, full-service marketing agency that consults, strategizes, implements, and measures your Tulsa Digital Marketing campaigns. What can we say? We are really good at what we do!

About Our Founder, Derrick Sisney

Derrick Sisney is a father of 2 beautiful girls, a husband to the best wife a man can ever ask for, a son of some of the world’s greatest and most supportive parents, a brother to an awesome brother, and a United States Air Force veteran who supported Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom overseas.

He has over 10 years of marketing experience in the digital media landscape and has a tendency to achieve every single goal he has set for himself.

Let Sisney Media help you to achieve your goal!


The Family Behind Sisney Media

Derrick Sisney has been married to Sabel Sisney since December 2006. Sabel loves to write, sing, and loves to be outdoors. A week after being married Derrick was immediately shipped out to Air Force Basic Training in San Antonio, TX. Immediately after that, he was stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX for technical school.

Upon completing technical school Derrick was stationed at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam where his wife was able to go with him. While there he was stationed with the Logistics Readiness Squadron and supported OEF and OIF.

After getting out in 2010 Derrick and his wife Sabel came back to Oklahoma where he finished up college. Abigail, their oldest daughter was born in 2011 and loves gymnastics, the beach, and to travel while spending time with her family.

Norah, their youngest daughter, was born in 2017 and she is known as a ‘firecracker’. Norah loves to snuggle and play hide-n-seek with her family. The Sisney family also has a German Shepherd named Millie.

What Can I Expect From Sisney Media and the Marketing Team?

We want to grow your business by creating an experience that people will love!
Being a veteran of the United States Air Force, Derrick Sisney learned how to operate and adapt to changing situations as they arise. Being a member of the military had to do with upholding the mission.

In the world of marketing and business, it is ever-changing. Every time you, as the business owner, get a grasp on marketing… it changes! Then you are forced to either re-learn everything and start over or just go with what you currently have, which may not have any effect because an algorithm changed, your demographic has changed, or you are marketing in the wrong medium.

Our company has stringent policies that we follow to ensure our customers stay at the front of the algorithm changes, the changes in Tulsa Digital Marketing, and business-related. We read the blogs from Google to ensure you are staying up-to-date for SEO. We review the profile of your customer and create a strategic and content based plan to bring your product or service to their attention.

Because customers of today choose an organization that best fits their needs from their experience, we are driven in technology & data to the operational excellence in everything that we do. By this, we strive to create content that is relevant and impactful for your audience to consume. So we pivot based on what the consumer data is telling us.

With Sisney Media, YOUR business is our mission! This is the reason that we chose a career that can create a difference for you, your company, employees, and your family.