Hi, my name is Derrick Sisney and I am a military veteran, who served in OEF and OIF, and the owner of Sisney Media; a Tulsa digital marketing company that was founded on solid leadership, morals and integrity. At Sisney Media, we strive to help other companies thrive on their own while providing digital advertising, business consulting, and leadership development.
Our Tulsa digital marketing company allows others to be at their very best because we are providing a service that allows our clients to reach their goals. We help with increasing their revenue and also allowing their business to work for them instead of them working for their business. Sisney Media was founded in Owasso, OK, which is at the very heart of green country, “the flyover state”.

Sisney Media, as well as millions of other companies, needs the economy to open back up as soon as possible! Unfortunately, as quickly as my Tulsa digital marketing company has commenced it feels that it is now ending and to a lesser extent, feeling almost hopeless. I started Sisney Media in 2016 and decided to make the “jump” on my own. I left my job as a Marketing Manager on January 10th, 2020. This was about 2 months before the state of Oklahoma, following orders from the Federal Government, issued a mandatory shutdown of ALL “non-essential” employees and companies in the name of “social distancing”.
This mandatory government shutdown has greatly affected my business! My marketing company relies on speaking to business owners and convincing them to allow Sisney Media to run all digital marketing for them.

My Tulsa digital marketing company is having difficulty staying open due the fact that other companies are having to lay off or furloughing their employees due to the government telling them that they are NOT essential. The companies that are open are not in need of advertising at this time, simply put, because they do not know the outcome of their business. They do not know if they will survive the ‘Corona Virus economy’ or not. I mean after all, who can blame them?

These business owners, that I would ordinarily be targeting, are just not spending money and are actually afraid to spend any money on extra expenses for their advertising during this time. This shutdown has had a major negative effect on consumer behavior for all kinds of different industries. It’s only a matter of time before we, at Sisney Media, are forced to close our doors and succumb to this unfortunate defeat. I was super stoked to step out and launch Sisney Media legitimately on my own. I felt like the company was on the brink of a very successful start and now it feels as if it has ended before it really had a chance to fully take off.

I feel that we are definitely in a time crunch to get the economy opened back up. This is not just for my company but also for millions of other businesses that have been operating from paycheck to paycheck. So, we need the government to help us out and loosen the standards so we can get back to work and do what we do best, and that is to innovate, build, and grow businesses.

We need support! Our Tulsa digital marketing agency can’t operate or scale with success by having revenue of zero dollars and by going on my own, I don’t have much money to pay my bills at home! My family and I are scrambling to find ways to spread our money out in order to make it through this crisis. We need this to happen now because we are committed to staying on track with our companies’ goals that I set when jumping on my own in January. This can only happen if we can begin working again. My company, Sisney Media, is in the niche of digital marketing, again, we have continued to see a great decline in business due to the lack of work within our target market. Social distancing is causing many companies to close their doors for good and we do not want to become one of the statistics of this crisis. I mean if we really think about this fact, 98% of businesses fail and that is without even having to quarantine because the government is mandating it.

Finally, I’m questioning, how long can Sisney Media continue to operate with an entrepreneur who left his job to start his own business? As of the beginning of April, it seems that we are only able to keep our doors open for 2 months. We do not have the means during this massive disruption to continue with business as usual. My Tulsa digital marketing company cannot survive without the economy returning to a somewhat balanced state again.

Please open up the economy again for the survival of our business as well as all of our fellow local and small businesses! The stimulus money would be a great start and help to keep my company operating, but it seems that the rules are continually changing, and it is taking lots of time to even file, refile, and even refile again. The banks seem to be having issues with what exactly to do.

I, Derrick Sisney, the founder of Sisney Media, wants to build this business, employ workers, create internships, and build relationships with other businesses and entrepreneurs so that we can all be successful together. In saying that, I find myself being kept up at night wondering if the work that I am doing on my business is all for naught. I wonder if my business will be, what will probably be one of the thousands, if not millions, of companies that will inevitably close their doors, to never ever reopen again.

I know of many entrepreneurs who are feeling betrayed right now because they took the same chance that I did long before myself. They feel betrayed because America has been instilled in all of us as the Land of Opportunity. The country where you can come as a foreigner from any part of the world, as a farmer from plains of Nebraska, as a young child growing up in an inner-city community, work hard and build a business. It is beginning to feel more like that it is no longer the way our country operates, sadly. Give the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the thinkers a chance to bring America back into balance. Give us a chance to show what we can do! Thank you so much for your time.