Giving Back

Sisney Media and Our Giveback

When Derrick Sisney first thought about starting a company he was serving in the United States Air Force overseas in Guam. In that moment of serving with some of the bravest men and women America has to offer, he knew that he wanted to give back to those veterans. That was a perfect opportunity for him in starting Sisney Media. He not only has had the heart to give to veterans and fallen warriors causes he has made that a focal point for all employees. That focal point is to give!

Here at Sisney Media, we believe that it is far greater to give than to receive. We hope that we can foster a spirit of giving in anyone who is connected with us. Giving is such a huge part of the beauty in humanity and you can and will be a part of this movement to give! You become a part of something bigger than yourself when you become a part of our Sisney Media community. Being able to give is so much bigger than all of us. We hope that this will spur you on to giving and helping support others in need.


What is Folds of Honor?

Folds of Honor is a scholarship program available for any “dependents adversely affected by war”. They pride themselves on staying true to their motto “honoring their sacrifice by educating their legacy”. This is a need that Sisney Media is very proud to be a part of through charitable giving. Being an Air Force veteran, it means a lot to him and Fold of Honor fits all those parameters that we look for in giving back through Tulsa Digital Marketing.
How transparent are they?

They are an open book at and they are very transparent on who/what they spend their money on. Don’t believe me? Click here to see how transparent Folds of Honor is. Sisney Media stands with Folds of Honor while helping with your Tulsa Digital Marketing!

How transparent are they?

They are an open book at and they are very transparent on who/what they spend their money on. Don’t believe me? Click here to see how transparent Folds of Honor is. Sisney Media stands with Folds of Honor!

Who is Folds of Honor?

How it all began isn’t an exciting or happy story but one of great sacrifice and an experience that was “life-altering”. Lt. Col Rooney was on a flight home from his second tour in Iraq when an announcement was made over the intercom for everyone to remain seated as the remains of a fallen soldier were removed from the airplane. He was stunned to realize the cold reality or in his words the “other side of war”, was right there on that flight with him. As he was watching the ceremony and the family below, he sat in silent reverence for the great sacrifice that was made for this country. As he looked around, he realized that half the plane at disregarded the request of the pilot and deboarded the plane. He knew at that moment that he was going to pay tribute to this fallen soldier and all “American service members and their families”. He wanted this foundation combined with Tulsa Digital Marketing to be a reminder to civilians to respect and honor the sacrifices that are made every day so that we can live freely in this great country.


Why should this matter?

We all have the means in one way or another to give whether it be through giving of finances, self, time, donating your unwanted things or in some other way while helping with Tulsa Digital Marketing! We can all be givers. The amount, size or type of giving matters not. It’s the act of giving itself that is the main point. Take a look around you and begin to see where the greatest needs are. Is it your neighborhood, community, church, or possibly even your local food bank? We hope that in doing something bigger than yourself, that you will either begin you’re giving journey with us or allow it to be expanded if you’ve already begun!

How much does Sisney Media give?

When you become a part of our community in Tulsa Digital Marketing, we are proud to announce that a portion of the fees that you pay for our services go directly to Folds of Honor. Outside of any promotional offers, you respond to; 5% of the payments made to Sisney Media for the first 3 months will be donated to this charity. What that means simply, is that if you come to us because of a promotional offer and to decide to stay long term; then your first 3 months of full-service payments will be when the donations begin! This is an exciting time because you will be a huge part of making a difference in someone else’s life!

I didn’t read the Folds of Honor site. What is it they do?

That is okay, Folds of Honor was chosen because they give back to any spouse of a fallen or disabled veteran. What do they give them? They have programs set up to help with scholarships for private schooling or tutoring services to aid in the children’s lives of America’s bravest!

This fund is specifically for children in primary and secondary schooling which is in kindergarten through 12th grade. They have also chosen to continue to go beyond these age groups and offer scholarships to students heading off to college and for the spouses as well! We love this because we know that as adults and parents, life doesn’t always go the way we plan it, and this helps bridge the gap for a brighter future for all.


What’s next?

We, here at Sisney Media, are so proud to be standing with our military members while helping bridge the gap financially to help provide schooling for anyone affected by war. Our service members deserve the very best from this country that they fight for every single day. We hope that you are as proud to donate to this amazing cause as we are, and we welcome you to our community of givers!

In conclusion, please take the time to give us a call and see what Sisney Media has to offer for Tulsa Digital Marketing. Allow us to not only increase your revenue but give back to some of the nation’s bravest men and women and the lives of their family!