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With Sisney Media, when looking for Tulsa Digital Marketing professionals, our consultation is a face to face meeting, at the location of your choice, or a video conference meeting so that we can discuss the company’s goals, issues, needs, and presence in the digital landscape. We also can discuss various other options that we could potentially recommend to your Department or business. The consultation will be the best way for us to hear your story and to really understand where it is that you’re coming from and where it is that you want to go.

We really want you to set up a free consultation with Sisney Media as our goal is to make this as painless as possible for you, your business, or your department in all areas of Tulsa Digital Marketing. We really want to speak with you and find out what it is exactly that you need. Once we are able to receive the request that you send, we will promptly look into it and respond in a timely manner. We are so excited to be able to hear from you and look forward to hopefully working with you!

What is a free consultation?

This is our custom meeting for having an interaction to ensure we get the correct thoughts and ideals of the individuals who we could be working with on their Tulsa Digital Marketing systems.

What will the free consultation consist of?

This is a great question! Our free consultation will involve us learning more about you and allow us to do what we call a “deep dive”. This is to ensure that we could bring value to your business or organization. Our job is to make sure that the value that we can bring is a two-way street. The two-way street means that we both have to be compatible with each other. We do not take on every single client, and we know that you would not take on every single marketing or advertisement company. So we want to ensure that we are all a good fit for each other! Our motto for Sisney Media is, “when you succeed, we succeed!”

How long does it take?

We love to schedule about one hour of time to be able to go for information. But that is just the block that we set aside. Normally our consultations will last anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes. So, we would ask you to set aside, at a minimum, about 30 minutes of your time to be able to sit down and go over your information with us.

How will this help me achieve my goals?

This is the very first part to ensure that both of our businesses are compatible and that we can take you on. This is also to ensure that you would want to take us on. As we mentioned before this is definitely a two-way street. Because we only have so many spots, we want to make sure that we get your story and your goals hammered out so we can build a strategic direction for the growth of your business. Even if you decide not to go with us, we believe that you will receive significant value after the consultation that you may not have known or discovered before.

What are the long-term benefits?

With Sisney Media we believe that the long-term benefits will come after our initial meeting. Now, during our initial meeting, we will be able to discuss information with you and to really work on a strategy to help you achieve your goals. In saying that, the long-term benefits will apply whenever our expert team is able to diagnose and treat what needs to be done for you to see big changes in growth for your business, organization, or brand using our proven Tulsa Digital Marketing strategies.

What happens after the consultation?

Because we are a company that wants to provide value to our services, you can expect good things that happen after the consultation. These positive pieces will vary based on what your goals are. We have many business owners who want to see significant growth in profit and revenue. We also have many business owners who are not worried about increasing their revenue and profit but just want someone to handle all of the digital marketing stuff in the background, like social media management or responding to customers. Many even want us to do a competitive analysis of their competitors to see what they can change to be more competitive or to gain more customers from their industry of choice.

What is so unique about working with Sisney Media?

We’re so glad that you ask that. What makes Sisney Media different is that we are a coaching organization that also has a digital marketing team. you may be wondering what that means and how that involves you. Well, for starters when you become a client with Sisney Media you have access to our entire digital marketing team. This is everything from developing websites, to running your social media management, to working in the public relations spectrum to ensure that your business is being seen by potential customers and clients. So, we can do everything from a logo to photography even or videography.

This is one of the major ways that system media is different than any other digital marketing team out there. It is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. The other good news? We are all in-house!

What if I do not want the coaching?

Because coaching is what we are absolutely passionate about. And we do believe that you will see value from our coaching. If you do not want our coaching, you do not have to have that. We could charge you by service that you’re needing for your digital marketing needs or we can charge you just for our digital marketing services.

But honestly, we always will recommend the coaching because it is a proven pathway of success, in every area of Tulsa Digital Marketing and more for the majority of the businesses that sign on with Sisney Media.

What if I do not want the coaching?

If you’re still wondering what you need to do, we want to ask you to give us a call. You can call us at 918-899-0115 or go ahead and scroll up and schedule a free, Tulsa Digital Marketing consultation form to set up a time to ask any other questions that you may have for Sisney Media!